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My list before the doggy home inspection tomorrow is getting larger! EEEEKKK! We just finished reinforcing the fenced kennel with 2x4s on the top and bottom so thank goodness that is finished, but I still need the house cleaned and I am growing  increasingly anxious! Apparently they don’t like to discuss  specific dog request in their adoption application because they want to try to match you with a dog to fit your lifestyle. But has anyone just looked at the picture of a dog (or cat for my friends who prefer cats) and found themselves instantly attached? Any suggestions or advice?

Meet baby Owen. Owen is my brand spanking new nephew. This handsome little devil just made his way in the world five days ago (a month early). He just made it home, and his parents noticed he had lost some weight so they called the doc and he had to be taken back in and placed in the nicu. He came out at 5.9, and in a five day span, now only weighs about 4.10. Low fever and low wbc, leads them to think it’s an infection, but as of yet meningitis and a few others have been ruled out.
Auntie Steph hasn’t even gotten around to sending out his welcome home box yet, and the little stinker is causing a bunch of worry for his new first time parents. He even pooped everywhere when they inserted the thermometer. PLEASE PRAY FOR BABY OWEN!

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